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Title Type
Premium Property Luxury Home Standard Home Affordable Home
Type 4 Rooms 3 Rooms 2 Rooms Unknown
Selling Price RM 10,000,000 - RM 14,000,000 RM 2,200,000 - RM 9,900,000 RM 1,050,000 - RM 6,500,000 RM 999,000 - RM 3,500,000
Renting Price RM 0 RM 0 RM 999,000 - RM 3,500,000 RM 0
Units 0 0 0 0
Land Size Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Built up 3,700 sf - 4,000 sf 2,245 sf - 3,690 sf 1,500 sf - 2,199 sf 700 sf - 1,000 sf
Car Park Bay 3 3 2 1
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  • Premium Home
    0-0 RM (0%)
  • Luxury Home
    2,200,000-9,900,000 RM (0%)
  • standard Home
    1,050,000-6,500,000 RM (0%)
  • Affordable Home
    999,000-3,500,000 RM (0%)

Top Availability

Premium Property 1 %
Luxury Home 1 %
Standard Home 2 %
Affordable Home 2 %
Property Features

Strategic Location Yes
Newly Built Yes
Mature Community Yes
Existing Yes
Private Pool Yes
Private Lift Yes
24 Hours Security Yes
Private Garden Yes
Roof Deck Yes
Penthouse Yes
Air Conditioning Yes
Cooker Hob/Hood Yes
Oven/Microwave Yes
City View Yes
Washing Machine Yes
Lake View Yes
Bathtub Yes
Amenities Walking Distance Yes
Fridge Yes
Maid Room Yes
LRT/MRT Station Yes
Bus Stop Yes
About this property

KLCC Luxury Condo, KLCC, As one of Asia’s most prominent cities, at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. An entertainment, commercial and business focal point, KLCC is home to some of the most popular landmarks in Malaysia, making it a popular tourist destination, especially the iconic Twin Tower. With a host of options to choose from –dining, arts, culture, recreation, sightseeing, shopping, entertainment and even sport, about 50 Acres open space providing recreational, sport and entertainment opportunities.With a host of options to choose from - dining, arts, culture, recreation, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment – you won’t be stuck for ideas on what to do around here. Suria KLCC is another attraction which draws significant number of people to this area, a highly successful shopping center, currently have over 338 department stores, shops, restaurants and entertainment outlets within 1 million square feet leasable area.Office or corporate tower especially Oil & Gas are within proximity, coupled with numerous number of office towers, popping up one after another to accommodate the demands as the most sort after office with status follow by hotels, surrounded with hotel from 3 to 5 stars or even 6 star. Obviously with the status and highly demanding place, the most sort after place, the prestige lifestyle, everyone would like to stay or at least own a place in this ever increasing demands especially the worthier. High end condo are popping up racing again one another to become the most luxury or prestigious condo of this place, only limited land bank available for new developments since most of the empty plot already developed. Many worthier would like to be class above, exclusive, luxury and most luxurious, new condo always try to be better than the rest to stay competitive for that, there are handful luxury to luxurious condo from 500sf up to 3,900sf as of now, although there are many other size unit available, from 3,900sf up, some even come with private pool. The most luxurious off cause by the name, status, exclusive, location, security, services, design, stunning view, high ceiling, private pool and private lift to name a few to be part of this category. The price range from RM700 to RM3,800psf as of current market, with minimum 1 Rooms, fully furnished, partial furnish or even basic unit. To name a few, Troika, four seasons, Park 7, The Residence, Le Nouvel and few others.. Stan Wong +60 123755399 [email protected] stanproperty.com klccestate.com addsmall.com https://youtu.be/Qh3ST0-qBfE

Location : KLCC , Kuala Lumpur , 50088

Fire Sale

RM 5,600,000
Land: 15,974 sf
Builtup: 8,728 sf
Bed: 6
Bath: 5
Parking: 4
RM 850,000
Land: 0 sf
Builtup: 1,451 sf
Bed: 2
Bath: 3
Parking: 2
RM 850,000
Land: 0 sf
Builtup: 1,451 sf
Bed: 2
Bath: 3
Parking: 2

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